Final TANGO Toolbox is released as Open Source

Here below the set of tools available for the final version of Tango toolbox. Final version is here! Each tool is accompanied by a Readme file with the description of the component, installation guidelines for developers and users and the relationship with other TANGO components, license and link to the downloadable software are provided. This time, also a video tutorial for each tool is available. Final version integrates TANGO components to make it possible to explore trade-off on additional non-functional behavior such as security, robustness and maintainability. This version is focused on enhancing programmer productivity in order to offer a compact solution having a feedback on tool training in last two versions of the project (Alpha and Beta) and having also the objective in productivity issues that programmers could face in daily tasks. In order to provide some examples of use of our tools several scenarios and the related workflows are described. All components can be used independently or in integration with other components to approach different situations, as are shown in these examples.
Monday, October 15, 2018

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SLALOM ISO liaison approved

SLALOM is aligned with ISO Standards on Cloud SLAs

This liaison relationship allows SLALOM to contribute to ISO’s SLA work, and also to ensure that SLALOM’s deliverables are aligned to ISO’s deliverables. This should mean that anyone implementing SLALOM’s final recommendations should be aligned to ISO’s SLA standards. Likewise, anyone using ISO’s SLA standards should be able to adopt SLALOM’s recommendations without conflict.

Download SLALOM practical legal and technical baseline for Cloud SLAs

Public Consultation is Now Open

Get involved! Your feedback is important to reach stakeholder consensus in the cloud space

We are sharing the first versions of SLALOM legal and technical models. Our intention is that they could be used in the future by most cloud service providers and consumers without great expense yet providing a high level of trustworthiness.

We want to hear what is important to you in the marketplace, as an adopter or cloud provider. We pursue consensus to assure that the terms are fair, legally tight, balanced and sufficiently broad.

SLALOM Model Contract for Cloud is Ready

The first version of SLALOM Cloud Contract is ready for revision.
Help us improve it!

SLALOM Legal Team has produced a first version of the main legal contract called Master Service Agreement (MSA). This document governs the relation between Cloud Providers and Cloud Consumers, and we have included specific recommendations for a balanced MSA to frame Service Level Agreement for Cloud services.

Download SLALOM Model Contract for Cloud
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Cloud SLAs, really not my business?

From theory to practice

Cloud SLA are too complex?

With Slalom you anticipate and define the unexpected with its Model SLA Technical Specifications & Legal Clauses for Cloud services. We provide you practical, safe & fair, and understandable technical and legal reference models to save time and resources.

learn about SLALOM in 2 minutes

Help us Close the Gap

The European Commission is keen that the proposed model contract helps the industry thrive. Your feedback ensures SLALOM works best for your business

We want to hear what is important to you in the marketplace, as an adopter or cloud provider. We want to take into account the needs of all stakeholders and reach a broad consensus that distills in the proposed model of legal terms...

SLALOM practical approach is about providing guidance

SLAs can be too complex, unless you start from a solid baseline

If you think that Cloud SLAs are too complex, you are right. However, SLALOM shares the results of its work in the form of a reference model, a number of structured documents with, legal terms and technical specifications that provide organizations guidance and facilitate the process of doing business in the cloud in a safe way.

SLALOM SLA Legal & Technical Baseline

SLALOM Technical Webinar

Technical details of SLAs can be difficult. Not anymore! SLALOM Abstract Metric definition adds flexibility to define metrics to add to your Cloud Services Agreements

SLALOM has now published the first version of its approach to address Technical Specification of SLAs. This technical reference complements the legal document that covers Master Cloud Services Agreement from a fair and balanced approach. This technical specification has officially been approved as "Liaison of ISO Standards".