PaaS-IaaS Inter-Layer Adaptation in an Energy-Aware Cloud Environment

Cloud computing providers resort to a variety of techniques to improve energy consumption at each level of the cloud computing stack. Most of these techniques consider resource-level energy optimisation at IaaS layer. This paper argues energy gains can be obtained by creating a cooperation between the PaaS layer (in charge of hosting the application/service) and the IaaS layer (in charge of handling the computing resources). It presents a novel method based on steering information and decision taking to trigger the PaaS and IaaS layers to adapt their energy mode in service operation, therefore enabling the Cloud stack to actively adapt to changing situations. Experimental results demonstrate such adaptation achieves dynamic energy management in each of the PaaS and IaaS cloud layers.

This paper was presented at PaaS-IaaS Inter-Layer Adaptation in an Energy-Aware Cloud Environment.

You can read here the publication.

Karim Djemame et al
Monday, June 19, 2017