TANGO Use Cases Validation - Beta version

This document (TANGO Use Case Beta version) presents the progress made through the project second year. The objective of this work package is to perform the validation of the TANGO Toolbox mainly through use-case implementation identified by industrial partners, BULL and DELTATEC. The Use Cases under consideration are:
 The HPC mini-app, proposed by BULL, which represent the use of the TANGO framework in the HPC world;
 The remote application from DELTATEC, which represent the high-end industrial image processing segment;
 The embedded application from DELTATEC, which represents the embedded autonomous systems segment.
This document presents workflows using these use-cases and the list of the components of the TANGO Toolbox used, the results of experiments conducted using the TANGO Toolbox. Finally it provides a summary of “lessons learned” to shed light on the evolution of the TANGO Toolbox needed in its final version.

Thursday, March 1, 2018