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TANGO in CSW HiPEAC in Heraklion (Greece)

Joint workshop of three Heterogeneity Alliance projects (TANGO, ECOSCALE and RAPID) was held at the CWS HIPEAC in Heraklion on 30th October. 25 people attended the presentation of the goal and activities of the Alliance along with the three research projects objectives and outcomes. During 3 hours the attendees were able to know how the three projects are addressing different challenges of heterogeneity.

You may know more about the Alliance and the projects in the provided presentations below!



This year, Rosa M.Badía on behalf of TANGO,have attentded the HPC event in Europe: The ISC High Performance, in Frankfurt.
The purpose of ISC has been generating differents topics of discussion, kind of disruptive to provoke answers in thinking brain process of the assistants. This time, many have been selected, such Climate change, HPC in medicine, news in Cloud computing for HPC and more.

TANGO at Teratec Forum

The international meeting for Simulation and High Performance Computing brings together experts in Simulation, Big Data and HPC.

The TANGO colleagues from Bull have attended this event (19-20th June, 2018) and participated in the Exhibition showcase room where around 18 booths of the major simulation within High Performance Computing industry have shown their tools and demos. Aproximately, 1.300 visitors have been walking through Teratec facilities, mainly from HPC world. Concretely, TANGO have shown its project´s vision and tools at the Atos-Bull booth in the event.


TANGO in HiPEAC Computing week Autumn 2018

This time at HiPEAC Autumn Computing Systems Week, the leading topics were mobility and transport, big data as well as heterogeneous systems and 5G next applications. The workshop followed a program where challenges and opportunities of every initiative were shown. TANGO led a session where the project was introduced then, the benefits and application of TANGO in heterogeneous hardware to gain efficiency and finally, a demo of the #TANGOtoolbox in HPC scenario ended this thematic session.

All the material presented by TANGO speakers can be downloaded from here.

Hetereogeneity Alliance workshop at HIPEAC conference 2018

The members of Hetereogeneity Alliance have organized a workshop at HIPEAC conference in Manchester on 22nd January 2018. The workshop objective was to present the vision and activities of the Heterogeneity Alliance launched by several EU projects and coordinated for now by TANGO project. The workshop aims at engaging new members for the Alliance and to validate with HIPEAC community the initiative and the produced results so far. It was also a window for involved projects to present their latest results to the audience.

TWIST event

November 23th 2016 – TIC meets TWIST cluster

During this event, TANGO’s team presented the project and had the opportunity to share common interests with cluster’s members and visitors.

TWIST is a media cluster whose mission is to support innovation and increase the development of Belgian media industry. (

Madrid, October 24th 2016 - We have launched the TANGO Research Alliance!!

We have the launched the TANGO Research Alliance. The TANGO Heterogeneous Hardware & Software Alliance (HH&S) is an initiative that aims to propose to other projects and organizations to join efforts for developing future technologies and tools to advance and take full advantage of computing and applications using heterogeneous hardware. In TANGO we believe that the impact of heterogeneity on all computing tasks is rapidly increasing making the future heterogeneous.