TANGO updates

Our team has been working hard during the last months to release the first version of the Toolbox and establishing an initiative to strengthen the market using heterogeneous hardware and software. The most relevant things during these last months are:

- In December, we have released our first version of software components from TANGO architecture. You can find it in our download section: http://tango-project.eu/content/tango-toolbox-released-open-source-github
- We also submitted a scientific report describing the research and advances behind this first release of code http://www.tango-project.eu/content/tango-toolbox-alpha-version-scientif...
- The Heterogeneous Hardware & Software (HH&S) Alliance is being developed and continuously updated by defining the rules, benefits, purpose and governance structure. A FAQ has been created to solve doubts and convince people to join our effort to become influencers in the nascent market of creating applications for HH&S. Read the FAQ here: http://www.tango-project.eu/content/faq-tango-heterogeneous-hardware-all.... Take a few minutes and consider joining our initiative .
- We have organized a workshop in one of the most relevant conferences worldwide in High Performance Computing, HiPEAC Conference 2017 to be held in the morning of the 23rd of January in Stockholm https://www.hipeac.net/2017/stockholm/schedule/#wshop. Come see TANGO approach and our Toolbox in action in this event.