Simplify & Optimize Heterogeneity

Simplifying the way developers approach the development of next-generation applications

our tools will help you control and abstract underlying heterogeneous hardware architectures, configurations and software systems including heterogeneous clusters, chips and programmable logic devices while providing tools to optimize various dimensions of software design and operations (energy efficiency, performance, data movement and location, cost, time-criticality, security, dependability on target architectures)

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If you are interested in Heterogeneous hardware and architectures development, operations and optimization of energy and performance

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About Us

The TANGO project is being undertaken by global service provider Atos (Spain) and its subsidiary specialized in HPC, Bull (France); the European company Deltatec (Belgium); and researchers from the University of Leeds (UK); the CETIC - Centre d’Excellence en Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (Belgium); and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain).