Energy Efficiency Code Optimization for applications running on heterogeneous parallel architectures

The paper is concerned with the issue of how software systems actually use Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures (HPAs), withthe goal of optimizing power consumption on these resources. It argues the need for novel methods and tools to support software developers aiming to optimise power consumption resulting from designing, developing, deploying and running software on HPAs, while maintaining other quality aspects of software to adequate and agreed levels. To do so, a reference architecture to support energy efficiency at application construction, deployment, and operation is discussed, as well as its implementation and evaluation plans.

Karim Djemame, Django Armstrong, Richard Kavanagh, Jean-Christophe Deprez, Ana Juan Ferrer, David Garcia Perez, Rosa Badia, Raul Sirvent, Jorge Ejarque, Yiannis Georgiou
Program Transformation for Programmability in Heterogeneous Architectures (PROHA) workshop