FAQ - TANGO Heterogeneous Hardware Alliance (HHW Alliance)

Read the Frequently Asked Questions on TANGO Heterogeneous Hardware Alliance (HHW Alliance)

Find here anwser to questions you might have about the alliance:
- What does the HHW Alliance mean?
- What is the HHW Alliance ?
- What is HHW Alliance Goal?
- Who should be interested?
- Who can join?
- Why should I care ?
- Why should I join the alliance?
- Whare the benefits for me?
- How is the HHW Alliance going to work?
- What do the Alliance expects from my institution ?
- What are the Technical Sinergy Contexts in which members can collaborate with the Alliance?
- How can I join the Alliance?
- Are there any other Associations in the Heterogeneous hardware field?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016