This deliverable present the progress of the TANGO project at the end of its first Year. The scientific contributions of several TANGO tools and components are provided, notably, for the energy modeller, the design-time optimiser, the C/OMPSs programming model integration and the code optimiser. Furthermore, two testbeds are made available, a first one with CPU, GPU and Xeon Phi nodes and another one with CPU and FPGA to conduct experimental runs and collect time and energy performance of different small computation: matrix multiplication, Hydro and NBody simulation.

Computer systems have faced significant power challenges over the past 20 years; these challenges have shifted from the devices and circuits level, to their current position as first-order constraints for system architects and software developers. TANGO’s goal is to characterise factors which affect power consumption in software development and operation for heterogeneous parallel hardware environments.

Here below the set of tools available in Alpha version of TANGO toolbox! Each tool is accompanied by a Readme file with the description of the component, installation guidelines for developers and users and the relationship with other TANGO components. License and link to the downloadable software are provided.

GPU vs CPU Energy Efficiency and Performance Modelling.
2017 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software

TANGO: Transparent heterogeneous hardware Architecture deployment for eNergy Gain in Operation.
To appear in the Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Program Transformation for Programmability in Heterogeneous Architectures (PROHA'2016), Barcelona, Spain, March 2016.

The paper is concerned with the issue of how software systems actually use Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures (HPAs), withthe goal of optimizing power consumption on these resources. It argues the need for novel methods and tools to support software developers aiming to optimise power consumption resulting from designing, developing, deploying and running software on HPAs, while maintaining other quality aspects of software to adequate and agreed levels.

Two articles about TANGO project have been published  so far at HIPEAC Magazine. HiPEAC is the European network on high performance and embedded architecture and compilation. It is a perfect audience for TANGO matters.