Digital Technology for Secure and Trustworthy Data Flows

Providing a trustworthy data management and sharing solution to ensure data sovereignty, governance and provenance to citizens, businesses, and public administration around Europe.



TANGO in a nutshell

The TANGO project will develop a solution for secure, trustworthy, and environmentally sustainable data management.

Core components of TANGO solution:

  1. Data governance framework
  2. Distributed privacy-preserving data management and storage
  3. Distributed trust management framework
  4. Artificial Intelligence based framework for green and trustworthy operations


Digital economy in numbers

The recovery post-pandemic and financial crisis is going through the digital transformation of economy in the European Union.

  1. € 550 billions predicted value of data economy by 2025
  2. € 21,7 million fine to Marriot Hotels for a massive data breach in 2018
  3. 91% of businesses are engaged in digital initiatives transformation of businesses in EU


Outcomes of the project

TANGO will establish a stronger cross-sector data sharing, in a citizen-centric, secure and trustworthy manner, by developing innovative solutions while addressing environmental degradation.

hr analytic and reporting - Save time


Develop a trustworthy, accountable and privacy-preserving digital tools to enable cross-sector data sharing

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hr analytic and reporting - Audit data


Design a data governance framework that ensures green data management while ensuring data provenance and ownership

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hr analytic and reporting - Access analytics

User Experience

Deploy an array of advanced tools and approaches to ensure best-in-class user experience across identity management, data ownership and usability

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