Privacy hotel
This pilot enables seamless interactions between customers, hosts, tour operators and other local actors. The customer can benefit from personalised experiences and effortless processes provided by the host. Hosts can ensure privacy and security while benefitting from less resources wasted.
Lead Beneficiary:
Anysolution Sl
Asoc.hotelera De Playas De Muro
Cesgarden S.l
Autonomous Vehicles
This pilot enables a secure, privacy-preserving, and energy efficient data exchange within the Autonomous Vehicles ecosystem.
Lead Beneficiary:
Idiada Automotive Technology Sa
Smart Manufacturing
This pilot ensures the security and resilience of companies by providing a secure, privacy-preserving, resilient architecture for operational data as well as employees and customers data.
Lead Beneficiary:
Ria Stone Fabrica De Louca De Mesaem Gres Sa
Flanders Make
The pilot addresses the challenge of building robust Artificial Intelligence models in banks, leveraging on Federated Machine Learning paradigm to allow the use of Artificial Intelligence effectively and collaboratively by using data in accordance to user privacy protection, data security and data confidentiality.
Lead Beneficiary:
ABI Lab - Centro di ricerca e innovazione per la banca
Public Administration
This pilot drastically improves the service delivery (VISA application) by benefitting administrations and citizens with a paperless process built on a secure data management architecture, thereby also reducing the use of resources.
Lead Beneficiary:
Visaright Gmbh
This pilot allows retailers to better understand their customers and tailor their offer. At the same time it strenghtens customers' data privacy through a secure framework for data exchange.
Lead Beneficiary:
Metro Anonymi Emporiki Kai Viomichaniki Etaireia Eidon Diatrofis Kai Oikiakis Chriseos