Smart Hospitality

Smart Hospitality

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The transition to smart hospitality can offer several advantages to both the guests and the hosts. The guests can receive personalised services, have easy access to information related to the resort and the town/country they are visiting, configure the room’s conditions according to their own preferences and feel more relaxed. At the same time, hosts and hotel owners can lower their infrastructural and operational costs through energy saving, receive better ratings due to more satisfied customers, and easily monitor the conditions inside the rooms, spotting potential problems and following a predictive maintenance approach. In addition, they can have access to multiple data that can help them make more informed decisions always upon the consent of their clients/visitors. However, smart hospitality comes with a price, mainly in the form of security, legal compliance and privacy risks. Tourists often need to share personal data that will constitute their living experience in the resort during their vacations enjoyable and relaxing. Data from legal documents are also requested in the resort/hotel reception such as passports/IDs that contain (full names, home addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth), additional data regarding the purpose of visit (business travellers, reports and government officials, etc. also possibly obtained by a travel agency) which are critical and can be maliciously used on several occasions.

TANGO solutions

This use case is focused on strengthening travellers’ privacy during their visit and stay in a smart resort/hotel. Through TANGO platform personalised services and recommendations will be offered to the resort guests such as transferring their room preferences leveraging the power of IoT, seamless check in and check out process without providing at the reception any official document (passport) or credit card, ordering meals and services, always in a privacy preserving way through tokenisation. This way GDPR rights will be enforced through self-sovereign identity as only part of the users’ identity will be revealed. Through their mobile phones, travellers will be able to perform remote strong user verification with High Level of Assurance (eIDAS), discarding the need of human intervention in the whole process. TANGO will also strengthen the cybersecurity of the smart resort protecting the IoT devices through strong device verification mechanisms and continuous (device) behavioural authentication and risk assessment. Thus, trustworthy data sharing between devices owned by the travellers and devices belonging to the resort facility will be achieved.

Lead Beneficiary: Anysolution Sl Asoc.hotelera De Playas De Muro Cesgarden S.l